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Self Standing Outdoor Road Sign With Letters... More pictures here

AUSTRALIAN MADE The best manufactured and useful sliding letter sign produced in Australia, now with more than 370 numbers, symbols and popular letters it's easy to make your changeable signs come alive.

Easy to wheel, easy to use and change everyday sign

Lightweight and very sturdy you can wheel in wheel out your portable sign everyday and advertise your business products and sale items very quickly. Made for everyday use outdoors. Includes heavy duty wheels and all metal frame sign construction.

Young lady model changeable sign for Queensland Click Here for more Queensland Changeable Signs

The letter kit includes plenty of common letters ALONG WITH more 0's, 4's (mobile phones) and now with more W's for websites, more 'power' words and bonus large SALE letters. See here.



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The Portable freestanding changeable sign with swap-able letters is a brilliant sign for business owners. Made in Australia.

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Heavy duty sign systems for outdoor advertising and promotions are easy with MagicSlider


Now with more features than ever before!.. Over 370 letters numbers and symbols included with every kit.     Delivered AUSTRALIA WIDE EVERYDAY.... MADE IN AUSTRALIA

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Woman displaying both sides of the changeable sign Australian made metal sign board with variable message letters and wheels Sydney Brisbane and more change letter signs


MagicSlider portable sign on wheels with interchangeable letter and number kit is fantastic value. So easy to swap the words into a daily message for advertising any product sold by your business. Cheap to buy, the Magic Slider sign is lightweight and very sturdy made from full metal construction and metal face plates for signage. The top part of the sign can also use signwriting or decals attached and you can signwrite your local company name or brand. Ideal for road side advertising outdoors the frame is made to use outside and includes heavy duty wheels and 'peggable' legs. Double sided sign with 4 huge lines that allow the big letters to slide along making words and messages. Included are brightly colored numbers and characters and 'power' words such as SALE, ENDS SOON, EACH etc. See each sign letter here.


Larger image of the lady demonstating how the changeable sign worksThe freestanding metal sign frame comes with wheels and stabiliser legs with large peg hole too. The kit includes hundreds of different numbers, symbols and letters used to make a sign. Signwriting the top section is easy and you can call us or have your local signwriting company apply a sticker decal or permanent sign.

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Changeable Letter Signs can be used for outdoor advertising and lots more. Advertise specials and sale items directly to the customers outside. A huge advantage of the master frame construction is that it also allows customers to use magnetic letters or temporary magnetic signwriting.


Changeable letter sign with prices


Any message can be created from the hundreds of letters supplied. Heaps of $$$ dollar symbols are included and extra panels for those 'unique' customers in the garden supply business. Each signboard for outdoor advertising includes wheels. Quickly insert the letter and slide into position. Easy!

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Here is the completed outdoor sign with a young woman standing next to the sign pointing to the changeable letters that slide into position.


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Heavy duty sign systems for outdoor advertising and promotions are easy with MagicSlider